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unusual jewelry for unusual people

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Hello and Namaste

We are located in Boulder City home of the Hoover Dam, proud of our unique and unusual style. It has taken years of work and patience to get to where we are today. We are excited to say that we are continuing to grow and expand.

We sell unusual jewelry for unusual people!

What we have to offer you


We sell a wide range of jewelry–from necklaces made out of buffalo teeth, meteorites, crystals stones, bone and silver to unique rings made with an array of gemstones.


From natural geodes and stunning amethysts to quartz, healing crystals and polished stones, we have everything from decorative display rocks to loose ones for homeopathic purposes and others ready for crafting your own jewelry.

Art and Accessories

We have a collection of paintings, crafts, salt and selenite lamps, singing bowls and unusual gifts and an Abstract Art Studio

You should also know…

We carry about every loose stone there is and we set them, sell them for repair and collectors, and we also do customs orders.

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